how you can increase your earnings with wordpress or woocommerce bubbles

When you get more visits to one page, you will increase your earnigs for the product you have in that page, with the bubble you will have the opportunity to increase the visits for one or your web page. You will get more visibility to one product, event, afilitates etc.. or only if you want to show an efective message to your users.

How would I use the bubble?
If I sell products:

1 – discounts
2 – big quantity of one product (maybe some discounts too)
3 – deprecated productsly
4 – new products

If I don’t sell products…
1 – new events
2 – collaborations
3 – donations
4 – new posts
5 – your afiliations

The bubble allow you to make efective campaings in your site, because you will can guide your user to one product, service and so
And you can be sure that if you have more visits to the service or the product you will increase your earnings.