The birth of bubbles

When I started my freelance caeer, I wanted an original web page, then I was looking in the web, I wanted like a game or something like that, something moving around the web page, and you can control, then I thougt with a bubbles moving around the screen like water, and maybe with some message. What I wanted to tell my customers? passion, innovation, profesional, I can do that, a lot of words come to my mind, then I decided to show some of the words, like passion, innovation and let the customers add the words they want, in the damses web page you can add your own bubbles and your own words.
After some time I did this, looking for in the web I understand that bubbles are the best way to show the adverstiments, because now the adverstiments always are in the same positions, I never look into these positions (right, left), other open a new poups windows that people close without read anythng, I thought I’m the only one do I this? so I asked my wife and a lot of friends, and they do the same, so the new adverstiments are the bubbles I thought. I’m a computer engineer , I don’t know about marketing, so I start to look into some marketing books, and they said that the innovation and give a clear message to the customers, it is the key of the good marketing.
But how to do this for all the web pages? it is possible? yes!! it is possible.
If you read the marketing theory, you will see that bubbles are what all the theory says and the best way to increase your earnings.

The original bubbles
To test it, go to services menu, bubbles submenu, you will enjoy adding your own bubbles