Bubbles settings

Image bubble -> this setting it will make that the bubble it is the image you have uploaded. The right size to use an image like the bubble it is 320×320, with this setting the possibilities of your campaings they have not bounds.
With the image bubble setting active, you won’t see the title, descripton and short description in the bubble.
This setting it is the most used.

When the bubble it is not an image, you can add a title, description, short description and an image that will be showed inside the bubble
Example selection bubble image:

The url -> The url it will be the link that your customer or your user will visit after click in the bubble. (Image bubble or classic bubble)

Image aligment -> If you are using the classic bubble, if the image it is not right aligment in the center of the bubble, you can use this setting adding the pixels you want to adjust the image, for start you can set the value 110

Open in a new tab -> If you set up this option, when the customer click in the bubble, the bubble link it will be opened in a new browser tab.

Allow all pages -> If you want to show the bubble in all pages, you must check this checkbox. If you only want to show the bubble in some of your pages, you must not check this checkbox, alternative you will go to the other menu Urls, there you will can add the urls of your site where the bubbles will be showed.

Show only first seconds -> if you set up this setting, you will have to fill the number of seconds that you want to show the bubble, after the page it is loaded you can show the bubble only X number of seconds, after the number of seconds you set it, the bubble won’t be showed.

Delay -> alternative you can show the bubble after X number of seconds, per example, after the page it is loaded, and the user it is reading your content, the bubble will be showed.

Design your own bubble

In this menu you can change the colors of the bubble, you have predefined colors like blue, red, green, yellow.. or you can choose your own design